Toyota Staxio SWE120 Powered Stacker Truck



€7,750 exc. Vat
Power UnitElectric
Capacity (kg)1200
Running Hours00,000
Drive / Castor WheelPolyurethane
Bogie Fork WheelPolyurethane
Operator TypePedestrian
Service Weight inc. Battery kg907
Forks mm1150
Turning Radius mm1403
Width over forks mm570
Overall width mm770
Service BrakeElectromagnetic
Drive controlVariable AC
Battery voltage V24
Nominal Capacity Ah225
Serial No.6765174

High stacking height for medium-duty usage
5-point chassis for high stability
Clear view of the forks
Click-2-Creep for easy creep travel
Smart truck: easy to connect, monitor & improve
Available with lithium-ion
Smart Truck

Designed for light to heavy-duty stacking operations, this BT Staxio W-series is a versatile range with safe, durable and compact design. The SWE trucks offer increased efficiency and performance during horizontal transport, order picking and lifting to high racking. This series also offers models for extra support (for uneven surfaces, handling closed pallets, and for double-load handling). This truck is equipped with telematics hardware, making it a smart truck that can be connected. This allows you to easily monitor its activity and improve its productivity, safety and efficiency.

Technical description
Travel speed up to 6 km/h
Excellent visibility
BT Powerdrive System
Fingertip controls
Electronic braking system
Electronic speed control
Operator safety
Storage compartments
Automatic switch-off
Programmable performance
Easy access for maintenance
Smart truck with telematics hardware

Like all Toyota trucks, the BT Staxio trucks are built according to the Toyota Production System, ensuring the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability.

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