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Selective Pallet Racking

With all pallets directly accessible, Selective Pallet Racking or simply Adjustable Pallet Racking is the simplest and most widely used pallet racking formats. Such racking is optimized for storing palletized unit loads, however other tailor made solutions for safe storage of non palletized loads are also possible. Selective Pallet Racking consists of two main components; upright frames and horizontal beams that interlock to form the system structure. Both components are available in a wide array of dimensions and profile thicknesses to suit any pallet size and load. Arranged on a wide aisle configuration for use with conventional forklift trucks it gives high quality & relatively low cost storage but may only utilize 40% of the floor space. Fast throughout and ease of loading and retrieval makes this form of storage extremely popular. Available for heights up to 35mtrs with bay loads in excess of 20 Tons.



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