Super 123 Galvanized Shelving

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The fully adjustable boltless metal shelving Super 123 series has been designed and manufactured by METALSISTEM to meet the needs of light to medium duty storage. The system is also suitable for the construction of two-tier metal shelving structures. The design of the various components is the result of rigorous technical testing and the highly specialized knowledge gained over many years in the field of metal processing. Super 123 offers the benefit of rapid and easy shelving assembly, good stability and low cost, all associated with high load bearing capacity. The ingenious use of lightweight materials formed into sophisticated sections provides exceptional strength from light weight components. Thanks to its attractive high-tech design, the shelving system is pleasing to the eye and can provide unique solutions for applications in domestic environments as well. Super 123 is made from certified, prime quality, zinc coated, high tensile steel, ensuring superb performance and high level of durability.


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